SlapKlatz Pro - Clear | 10 Pieces of Superior Drum Gel Dampeners in 3 Sizes | FREE rugged case included | Non-toxic

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Brand: SlapKlatz


  • IMPROVE YOUR DRUM SOUND: SlapKlatz Pro gives you the most precise drum dampening system on the market, and lets you dampen without destroying the original tone of your drums.
  • PREMIUM SELECTION: 6 small (2 centimeters), 2 medium (3 centimeters) and 2 large (4 centimeters) drum gels to choose from.
  • RUGGED WATERPROOF CASE: The included carrying case fits right into your stick bag pocket, and makes transport easy and safe.
  • SUPER ADHESIVE: SlapKlatz works on both batter heads, resonant heads, cymbals, cowbells and more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wash with regular soap, and let air dry | FREE DIVIDER DISCS: Every gel pad includes a small transparent disc, that you can use for dust protection, and thereby more easily keep your gels clean.

Publisher: SlapKlatz

SlapKlatz makes what we believe is the most versatile drum dampeners on the market.

These drum gel dampeners lets you easily control or remove unwanted ring and overtones from your drums and cymbals, without sacrificing the tone or the playing feel.

In order to do that, several things needs to be done right.

First up is the material used for these drum mute pads. Our drum gel is developed to be very sticky. This enables our SlapKlatz drum head dampeners to stay on the drum head, no matter where you put it. These damper pads even stays on your bottom heads - or the underside of your cymbals for that matter.

The round shape helps the gels to stay on the drum heads as well, since there are no corners that can be picked up accidentally.

Next up is size and thickness of the drum mutes. This is very important in order to make them as versatile and functional as possible. We have spend a lot of time trying out all sorts of different thicknesses and sizes.

From all this research and development cam out our SlapKlatz PRO package.

This drum damper kit gives you everything a professional drummer needs, to be able to control and improve the sound from his or her drum set.

When using more than one damper gel on your drum head, you should place the gels with equal distance between them.

For example:
ONE DAMPENER: Place at 12 o'clock.
TWO DAMPENERS: Place at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.
THREE DAMPENERS: Place at 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock.
...and so on.

You can see our full guide on

Drummers like Benny Greb, John JR Robinson, Gergo Borlai and Anika Nilles.

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Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.3 x 1.0 inches